About Greenwell Photography

I am part of the digital revolution ... and I live in the UK in sunny Lincolnshire. Well okay, it's sunny some of the time.

I started taking photos when I was but a wee nipper, at the age of five or six and I've been taking photographs ever since

My main camera use is a Nikon D800 DSLR, which for the money is a superb bit of kit, and I highly recommend them. Attached to this normally, is either my Nikkor 24-70mm or Nikkor 70-200mm zoom. Sad as it is, my Nikon F4 sits gathering dust these days, though I do still like using the Olympus OM10 I have, along with its nice bright primes, mostly for B&W.

When I'm not lugging a DSLR around Lincolnshire on my travels, you'll find me carrying a Sony RX100, a Canon G11, a Fujifilm 660EXR or even my Google Pixel or one of the cheap digital cameras I've purchased: a Vivitar ViviCam 3345 (1.3 MP) or a Jenoptik JD C3.1 LCD (3MP). Dismiss point and shoot cameras at your peril.


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